When the Well Log Viewer first starts, two windows will pop up. These two windows can be divided into 7 regions as shown below. 

  • Main Menu. General menu items, including data loading is along the top of the main Window.
  • Quickview window. Gives a display of single log curve after clicking on a curve name in the data-list
  • Data-list. Shows all the loaded and processed data under a CompanyName -> WellName -> DatasetName heirachy.
  • Information Panel. Displays some information about the clicked item in the data-list
  • Message Panel. Messages generated during data loading and processing.
  • Log Plot. Main plotting area for the loaded and processed data.
  • Processing menus. Currently there are four menus available that are for crossplotting data and processing.

Both the Data-list and the Log Plot regions provide access to extra functionality by right-clicking in these regions.

These are discussed in more detail later, but a brief summary is given below.


3.1 Right-Clicking on the Data list.

Right clicking on the Company Name allows to rename or delete the Company folder.

Right clicking on the Well Name allows to rename or delete the Well folder, and also edit the well-site data.

Right clicking on the Dataset name allows access the bulk of the menu option, and includes

  • Saving all the data in a dataset to either LAS, CSV or JSON file.
  • Sorting the curves in a dataset
  • Renaming or deleting a dataset.

Right clicking on the Depth Index name brings up a menu that includes

  • Changing the Index units (depth units) of a dataset.
  • Option for toggling the depth index between TVD and TVD_Datum

 Right clicking on a curve name brings up a menu that includes

  • changing the units of a curve
  • Renamimg or deleting a curve
  • Editing a curve. A seperate window will appear if this option is selected

Right clicking in the Curve Edit Window gives options for

  • changing plot parameters in the edit window.
  • to interpolate over Null values for the selected curve.
  • to "undo" editing steps done during the current edit section.
  • Curve editing is done using the mouse together with the T, G, B and Y, H, N keys.


3.2 Right clicking on the Log Plot.

All options regarding the Log Plot are accessed by right-clicking in the plot area. Most options specifically refer to the log track that has been clicked, for example "Add Log Curve" will add to the currently selected track. While other options such as "Depth Axis Plot size" will act on all tracks together.

The Crossplot has it's own set of right click options, that pertain to excluding data points and curve fitting.

More details are given later in the Log Plot section.