2.1 Software Download

Well Log Viewer is a 64 bit application for computers running either Windows-10 or Windows-11. It requires the Windows-10 version 1809 or later. The Well Log Viewer software is free to download.

The easiest way to install this software is via the Microsoft Store from the link given below.

However, the Microsoft Store is not accessible to everyone, so an alternative download option is also provided.

2.2  Microsoft Store Download (recommended option)

Well Log Viewer can be downloaded and installed from the Microsoft Store for Windows-10 or Windows-11.

It is a single step process. Click on https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9NL0KSPML72D to download and install.  

2.3  Alternative Download (Sideload option)


Microsoft have recently disabled the ms-appinstaller (again) as of 28-Dec-2023, which means this sideload option will not work ... until Microsoft fix the bug and re-enable it again. 


An extra step has to be taken prior to installing the software from the download link provided below. This process is also known as "Sideloading".

Step-1: Allow installing Apps that are not from the Microsoft Store.

  • Go to Settings -> Apps -> Advanced App Settings. (or similar sub-menu naming).
  • In the question "Choose where to get apps", select "Anywhere"
  • You will need Admininstrator privilege on the PC to make this change. Click here for an example..

Step-2: Download and Install the software.

  • click on "Install for 64" link shown below.

See the "Troubleshoot Installation" from Microsoft's webpage's for additional information on side-loading apps. 

It is possible to install both the Microsoft Store version and the Sideload version of this app simultaneously on the same PC. But there is no reason to have both installed as they are the same, and it is recommended that only one version should be installed.
The installations can be differentiated from each other in the App Manager since the Sideload version is called "Well Log Viewer SL".

2.4  Extra Features License

Advanced features in the software can be enabled by purchase of an Extra Features license. Please contact the author at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2.5  Bug Report

If you come across any problems with the Well Log Viewer software, please feel free to make a report that includes a summary of the problem and how to re-produce it, and I will look into it.

Screen captures can be included if they are available.

 Click here for the...    Bug Report Form